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A team of highly qualified and experienced personal trainers is ready to help you achieve your goals. Find out how


One-on-One Personal Training

One-on-one personal training is our premium service, with a dedicated personal trainer in Dubai focused on helping you achieve your fitness goals.

We help clients over the short and long term. Embarking on your fitness journey to prepare for a life-event like a wedding or if recovering from injury, our team of trainers in Dubai will help you get in the best shape of your life.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Training in a small group of up to six people under the watchful eye, guidance and programming of one of our expert personal trainers. Semi private personal training is the perfect choice for experienced gym goers looking to achieve the same results of one-on-one personal training for a FRACTION of the cost!


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Looking for a group exercise class in Dubai? The Training Room was developed by The Physical Training Company and is programmed by our team of expert trainers and coaches.

Suitable for ALL fitness levels, the Training Room is designed to push you out of your comfort zone and help you achieve your fitness goals.

dubai personal trainer

Regular excursions and outdoor activities to take your fitness outside the gym and into the real world. We're building a healthy, active lifestyle.

The Outdoor Club goes to Zanzibar

The Outdoor Club Goes to Zanzibar

personal training in dubai

Gearing up for Our Trip to Kilimanjaro

personal training in dubai

More on our Prenatal/Postnatal Training

ptc podcast

#45 Matt & Keith do Qs & As

ptc podcast

#44 – The Boys Are Back!

ptc podcast

Episode #43 – Dave Leduc


matt cotterill personal training


Matt has helped train British Olympic and Paralympic Teams for the London 2012 Olympics, before going on to develop his expertise in Physiology and Strength & Conditioning and working with the English Institute of Sport as a data scientist.

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A pre-natal and post-natal fitness specialist, Robyn is a level 3 REPS certified personal trainer who leads our Training Room fitness classes and has a passion for rugby and sports. Robyn is the perfect choice for pregnancy fitness training and strength & conditioning.

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A highly experienced personal trainer with 15+ years working as a personal trainer, having worked with the London Irish Rugby Club he graduated with a BSc in Strength & Conditioning Science from the prestigious St Mary’s University in London.

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Samia is an NCCA Accredited Certified Personal Trainer and Calisthenics coach that is focused on strength and conditioning, pre & post natal personal training, Ninja Warrior obstacle training and running our Training Room group exercise class in Dubai.

keith omalley-farrell injury rehabilitation personal trainer


Specialising in injury rehabilitation, Keith has worked for over 15 years including experience with recovery and rehabilitation of injured British military servicemen and women returning from active duty and professional football & rugby teams.

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With an MSc in Sports Psychology, Caitlyn's expertise lies in leveraging the latest developments in behavioural conditioning and psychology to enhance the results that her clients achieve, with a holistic appraoch to mental and physical health & wellbeing.




    Every day we help our clients achieve their fitness goals. Our experience and expertise make our personal trainers the perfect choice for those looking to lose weight, build muscle tone, burn body fat or just return to a more active lifestyle.

    Based at a private gym in Dubai's Al Quoz, our team includes injury rehabilitation personal trainers and female personal trainers that all work with one goal, to get you into the best shape of your life! A world class coaching team and a diverse fun community that are united by one goal, getting fitter, healthier and stronger every day!

    We offer flexible training options, our specialists are available for one-on-one personal training or our more affordable semi-private personal training sessions that are overseen by an expert personal trainer. Wherever you are on your fitness journey, we encourage our clients to join our Outdoor Adventure Club.

    The Outdoor Club organises regular fitness-based activities around the UAE including trips abroad like the 2021 Kilimanjaro Expedition in association with UAE-based charity; Gulf 4 Good.

    personal training in dubai
    fat loss in dubai body transformation

    A lot of our clients are looking to achieve fat loss goals. When we look at fat loss, our personal trainers focus equally on training and nutrition. Nutrition plans are extremely useful for achieving long term body transformation goals.

    Choosing a Dubai PT should be an option that is based on achieving results.

    The hormone irisin was discovered in a 2012 study by Harvard researchers and is thought to be the key to achieving fat loss.

    These researchers found that muscle cells did not acquire all the energy they need from fat and surgar brought by the blood. In fact they found that irisin travels thorughout the body and actually alters fat cells!

    Our personal trainers base their programming on science, we know from research and studies published for example that exercise is one of the best ways to protect against diseases like type-2 diabetes. In today's world it is crucial to keep active and maintain a professionally designed workout routine and healthy active lifestyle in order to help maintain immunity and increase quality of life as we grow older.

    Trainers like Matt Cotterill and Keith O'Malley-Farrell have worked at the highest levels of the industry. In fact, Matt and Keith host the PTC Podcast, a regular chat with leading industry figures and have interviewed heavyweights like Eddie Hall, Jay Cutler and Kai Greene! Over the course of hosting the podcast, they have gleaned important insights into the industry and the figures behind it both within the United Arab Emirates and worldwide.

    Personal Training in Dubai
    personal training and nutrition

    Our personal trainers' expertise can help enhance the health and fitness of clients at every stage of their life. Most clients turn to a personal trainer in Dubai because they are looking to maximise the utility of the time they have carved out in their busy lifestyles for working out. A professionally managed workout routine, programming and nutrition plan is truly the best way of optimising this time.

    We have developed pregnancy fitness training programs have been developed to help women at the pre and postnatal phase of pregnancy. Research has conclusively proven the benefits of aerobic and resistance training during pregnancy on maternal health and on perinatal outcomes. The evidence showed that exercise induced a favorable effect on maternal health.

    Whatever your fitness goals, our personal trainers can help you get into the best shape of your life! Training for a life event like a wedding or just challenging yourself like our Outdoor Club's trip to Kilimanjaro. Your journey starts with a free consultation with one of our personal trainers, choose to train at our gym in Dubai, in the comfort of your own home or remotely via our online personal training.


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