Real Madrid’s superstar striker was in Dubai during Ramadan this year, but that doesn’t mean he stopped working out!

The Physical Training Company had the pleasure to train Karim at his hotel. Here is the workout we had him do. Keep in mind that he was fasting, and was not going to eat for another 7 hours after either.

  • Dynamic Warm-up.
    • 5minutes bike
    • Upper body dynamic stretches
    • Upper body activation with elastic band reverse flies (to activate the rhomboids)
    • Lower body dynamic stretches
    • Scorpion (on back and stomach) to loosen up the hips
    • Glute bridges to activate the glutes
    • Plank variations to activate and warm up the core and the entire body



  • Giant set #1
    • Dumbell bench press
    • Glute bridges
    • Single arm seated rows
    • Bulgarian splitsquats


Every exercise was done for 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions. The idea was not to get a hard workout in and deplete his little energy sources he had left during Ramadan, but simply to try and work a little bit every muscle to maintain them as much as possible.


  • Giant set #2
    • Lateral raises
    • Walking lunges
    • Plank variations

The intensity and volume had to be held back due to the conditions, but we focused more on keeping him mobile and flexible. He told me before the workout that his quads were really tight, so I introduced him to some work on the foam roller. For anyone who’s been there before, you know how that went when we did the IT band!

This is a good sample workout that you can do if you’re fasting during Ramadan and if you’re looking for a full body weight workout. After the session, you should feel good and relaxed, but not completely drained. We hope that Karim’s career continues to flourish at Real Madrid and he keeps scoring GOALS like these:


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