The Physical Training Company co-founder Nicolas St Maurice on Canadian Televisions Global News Morning Montreal

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PTC’s very own Nicolas St Maurice was invited on Canadian Television’s Global News Morning Montreal to discuss The Physical Training Company’s latest offering, Online Personal Training and the pros and cons of online personal training.

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More about Online Training with The Physical Training Company


Our team of Sports Scientists have many years of experience at the highest levels, graduating from some of the top sports universities in the world like Loughborough and McGill, they have developed a series of specialized programs for online training aiming to help people who may not have the time or access to a gym, all programs include free nutritional guidance and planning, as well as one-to-one support and tailored plans, the programs include:

Online Personal Training in Athletic Conditioning

Perfect for young athletes, whether you are in High School or College, sports might play an important part of your educational journey and ensuring your body is at its peak fitness level can make the difference between success and faillure. One-on-One training and a personally tailored program will help you achieve the skills and conditioning that is required by your particular sport, whatever that sport may be!

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Online Personal Training in Strength & Conditioning

Nic develops strength and conditioning programs for all experience levels, whether you are a beginner or you know your way around a gym, this program will help you to break through performance plateaus, introducing a dynamic range of exercises that will PUSH you out of your comfort zone with noticeable results!

Online Personal Training for Weight Loss and Toning

Weight loss is perhaps the most sought after goal in the fitness industry, imagine you can lose fat but still eat 5 times a day? That is the beauty of a balanced fitness regime that is developed by a qualified sports scientist, Nic’s weight loss program includes nutrition plans that help you manage your caloric intake while ensuring your body is getting the nutrients and minerals it needs.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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