Sophie Hollingdale is a Personal Trainer and Adidas Runners coach in Dubai. Originally from South West London, she moved to Dubai having graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical and Sport Education from St. Mary’s University in London. Sophie enjoyed a lot of success after university competing in international Bikini Competitions. She won her pro card in two federations, placing first at the Miami Pro, third place in Pure Elite and 5th place in the WBFF worlds.

In this episode Sophie offers an honest and revealing insight into the world of female aesthetic competitions and the huge sacrifice she had to make to achieve the “perfect bikini body”. From the highs of being on stage showing off the results of her hard work and dedication, through the physiological stress of extreme dieting and dehydration, to the psychological strain and self doubt that competing at this high level inflicted on her, in particular, the night before one of her competitions.

We hope you enjoy this episode of the podcast with Sophie Hollingdale.

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