Alya Alhamad comes from an anthropological and environmental education background. She currently practices and teaches yoga regularly, and enjoys both the open water, kitesurfing, or hiking in the mountains.

After a decade of desk work she wanted time away from her computer to spend more time in her body actively experiencing the natural world. Alya decided to put her 9-5 on hold and take 12 months off to travel and explore some of the most beautiful oceans and mountains of the world. She dedicated the last year of her life to a somatic lifestyle, combining hiking, kitesurfing and completing yoga trainings and workshops. She joins Keith and Matt on the other side of that year to discuss how it has benefitted her and breathed a new lease of life into her body.

Alya has also teamed up with Keith to create a unique laid back yoga experience offering fundamental and essential yoga movements and practices delivered through everyday language in an unthreatening environment for those unsure if yoga is for them.


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