From New Zealand, Cliff Harvey is Registered Clinical Nutritionist, a PhD Candidate and Researcher in Nutrition (AUT University), with a Naturopathic Diploma (NCNZ) and Diploma in Fitness Training (AUT University), in summary, he’s an extremely smart guy.

Cliff was one of the very first practitioners to begin working with and prescribing low-carb, high-fat (LCHF), ketogenic, and lower-carb, higher-protein diets in the late 1990s. His current research centres on MCTs, keto-induction, keto-flu, and finding appropriate carbohydrate intake for individuals based on their metabolic state, activity and ethno-genetic factors which shares many parallels with middle eastern populations made up of varied ethnic backgrounds.

In this podcast the guys delve into exactly what a ketogenic diet is, who it would benefit and how diet and nutritional advice should be more of a conceptual idea rather than a how-to instructional manual. A really interesting and insightful episode, we hope you enjoy.

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