Eighteen months ago Caroline shattered both her feet, her pelvis and her spine when she fell 7 metres unharnessed from a climbing wall after the peg she was holding onto gave way. In an inspiring episode, this gifted yoga instructor joins Keith & Matt following her recent thirteenth major surgery to put her broken body back together. Listen to Caroline’s fascinating story as the guys only scratch the surface in what they hope will be the first of many episodes with Caroline as she nears the end of this life changing period of her life. To connect with Caroline in response to this episode and can see some of the images relating to her accident, check out her Instagram @caroline_d_leon and read her blog www.alifeofenergy.com/health-guide.

**Apologies for the volume bugs and random sound changes in this episode following some microphone issues. Aside from one cut out around 12 minutes, nothing in the episode has been edited out or intentionally omitted.**

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