It was a snowy afternoon in his home town Montreal when a young and impressionable Nic St.Maurice found himself raised aloft in the air by the bystanders who had just witnessed a feat of super human endeavour

Moments before, Nic had exited a convenience store excitedly flicking through the latest muscle magazine when he heard a lady scream and the sound of a scooter racing away with the male rider clutching a brown leather handbag

It was an unconscious decision, one that not many teenagers would make, but before he knew it, he was in chase. Steam rose from the road behind him as the speed of the soles of his feet melted the icey surface below
It was a matter of moments before Nic’s speed was maxed out and he was gaining on the scooter

The chase was epic, too epic to be told by any mere mortal. But in the end the defeated handbag thief reluctantly relinquished the stolen property when the scooter finally ran out of fuel

Nic had his reward, and in a rare moment of self indulgence he knew he had found his calling, he knew he was going to be a sprinter

Little did he know at the time however, that this feat of heroism would lay the seed for the development of his alter ego and pave the way for his future superhero persona, a persona he would later title, @coach_nicstm
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