Nice post from Muscle and Motion especially appropriate during crossfit 17.2 workout. Lots of people this week are attempting the difficult action of a muscle-up by hoping their momentum and swinging will make up for their lack of general strength and shoulder integrity

If you ever tried a muscle up by swinging and hoping AND if you have ever suffered from a shoulder impingement and not really been able to pin point exactly what happened, then perhaps this was the cause.

As you rotate your upper arm internally like in the video you rotate the head of the humerus around from the back to the front & close the joint space that allows your supraspinatus tendon pass through. It’s a vulnerable position in itself & is often tested by physiotherapists in a specific attempt to compress these structures and identify irritated tissues. Now combine uncontrolled momentum and weakness together and you can see how you’ll begin to grind down your shoulder tissues

It’s too late for some but the best way to prevent his from happening is to simply get stronger, much stronger! If you are unable to complete 8-10 strict wide grip pull ups for at least 3 sets and you are attempting a muscle up then you are at risk of tearing your shoulder.

Exercise your discipline and and ask your coach to take you through a proven strength protocol programme to improve your strict pull up strength – with the long term aim of completing a solid muscle up in the future. Until then put the swinging around on the back burner. If your coach declines your request and tells you can do it by swinging, DM me and I will help you!

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