The Outdoor Club is our way of keeping our community active with some fun activities that are always fitness-based or have a fitness element. From August 12 to 17th 2021 we embarked on a great adventure on the incredible island of Zanzibar!

Zanzibar has been an inhabited island for over 20,000 years. The island is steeped in history as a trading base for many civilisations across these years. Before the arrival of the Portuguese Empire in 1499, the island was settled by Omani and Yemeni tribes, who founded what later became Stone Town, the capital of the island (and also the birthplace of Freddie Mercury!).

The Portuguese managed to keep hold of the island for around 200 years until the the Omanis conquered the island in 1652. The incredible history of the island is reflected in the architecture, society and culture of the island. The beauty of the island is legendary, as the gateway of the african coast colloquially known in Arabic as the Zanj coast.

Our Adventure filled trip involved a lot of surfing, snorkelling, paddle boarding and beach walks! We stayed at the idyllic Ebb & Flow hotel in Paje, Zanzibar. Of course, there were a lot of circuit training sessions with the Training Room crew, building on the same methods and principles of our popular group exercise class in Dubai, the Training Room!

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