“You can’t shoot a cannon out of a canoe”
This is a famous sentence used by many strength & conditioning experts to make people understand the importance of structural balance.

I’m not talking about working your “core” here, I’m talking about strengthening your fixators and stabiliser muscles to make sure you stay injury free and perform at optimal levels.

There are different ways to work on structural balance. You need to focus on certain key areas, and make sure you’re evenly strong on both sides of your body. Here are the 4 key areas of potential structural imbalance as seen by @strengthsensei1
• weak vastus medialis (VMO)
• weak hamstrings
• weak scapulae retractors
• weak external rotators
I haven’t done much of this lately, focusing more on photoshoots and trying to look aesthetically good, but since my goal is to race in 3-4 months, I need to make sure everything is balanced.

The next few weeks of my weight program will focus on unilateral work in the gym, and on building a solid base on the track. This will hopefully keep me injury free for the next few months and allow me to perform at my best in 3-4 months time.

Thanks to @dmjdxb and @sprintfaster958 for helping me with the programming. I’m pumped to see what we can do in the next months!????

Source by Nic St-Maurice Bsc.

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